The Enamorado Octopus Tostadas (Tostadas de pulpo enamorado)

A recipe for a dish that is seen quite often in the state of Guerrero, combining a classic Galician delicacy from Spain with some traditional ingredients from Mexico. Octopus has a subtle taste and should not be rubbery if cooked long enough.

Recipe of the octopus tostada


* Water, as needed
* 1 Carrot
* 1 Onion, quartered
* 1/3 Red onion, chopped finely
* 1 Stalk Celery
* 3 Arbol Chile
* 2 Bay leaves
* 1 or 2 Octopus depending on size
* Salt and pepper, to your taste
* 1/2 cup Mayonnaise
* 2 Chipotle chilies in adobo
* 1 Roman Lettuce, washed and shredded
* 10 corn tostadas
* 1 Avocado

Making this recipe:

1) In a pot with water, add the coarsely chopped vegetables, the chiles and bay leaves. Simmer until cooked.

2) Put the octopus in the boiling broth. Then dip the whole octopus and cook 30 minutes per 2 pounds. Allow to cool in the broth the octopus cooked in and once cooled, cut the tentacles into thin slices.

3) Put the sliced octopus in a bowl, add the finely chopped red onions to it. Season with salt and pepper then gradually add the mayonnaise, and the finely chopped chipotle chile.

4) Mix and add the shredded lettuce. Mix and spread on the tostadas then top with a piece of avocado and sprinkle some sea salt.

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