Potato and Chorizo Molotes (Molotes Oaxaqueños de papa y chorizo)

The molotes are a Mexican appetizer (not to be confused with the molletes) that are made ​​with masa corn dough and lard, and in this case filled with potatoes and chorizo. They are similar by shape to a quesadilla or a fried empanada, but its how you enclose the filling that is different and the fact that these appetizers are deep fried. Frying makes them golden brown on the outside and tender on the inside with a delicious stuffing with the combination of potatoes and chorizo from Oaxaca.

Recipe for Molotes Oaxaqueños


* 4 cups corn masa, or corn flour
* 1/2 cup lard
* 1 tablespoon corn flour
* 1 lb. mexican style chorizo
* 1 chile guajillo
* 3 potatoes
* 1 onion, peeled and chopped
* oil
* Salt to taste
You will need a deep fryer to safely carry out this recipe,
the suggested tortilla press can be replaced by any 2 flat surfaces.

Making this recipe:

1) Peel the potatoes, dice them to small sized cubes and start making them fry in a saucepan with a little bit of oil; after a few minutes put the chopped onion and the chorizo sausages in and break the sausages apart while you are frying them.

2) Prepare the guajillo chile, discard its seeds and put it in hot water; liquefy using a blender. We will now prepare the masa dough; pour the sifted flour and softened lard in a bowl and mix; season with salt. Now gradually add the water with guajillo chile until this dough reaches the texture of masa for tortillas.

3) Take small balls of this masa and flatten them with a tortilla press with waxed paper, then at their center spoon some of the potato and chorizo filling we did earlier. Wrap the dough around the filling like quesadillas, giving our molotes their final shape.

4) Deep fry the molotes in the hot oil of the deep fryer at 75% oil temperature level, until they become golden brown. Once fried, put them on kitchen towels, to drain the excess oil.

Serve these molotes with the salsa of your choice...

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