Cheese stuffed plantain croquettes (Croquetas de platano y queso)

One of the basic ingredients of Central American and caribbean cuisine, the plantain is appreciated for its subtle and buttery flavor. It is served roasted, baked, fried as an accompaniment to other dishes, etc... This is one of the easy mexican recipes to prepare stuffed plantain croquettes!

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croquetas de platano mexican appetizer

Plantain Croquettes as Mexican Appetizer


* 3 plantains
* Sharp cheddar cheese
* Bread Crumbs
* Refried beans, or mashed black beans
* 1 cup Salsa Roja (red salsa)
* Canola oil for frying
* Fresh cilantro, chopped finely
* 2 garlic cloves


1) Make a cut along the length of each plantain, then slice them in 3-4 pieces, discarding the ends, but without peeling them. In a pot filled with boiling water, cook the plantains until they are tender which should take about 30 minutes. When the plantains are ready, take them out of the water, let them cool down and peel them.

2) Pour the breadcrumbs in a bowl, pour the refried beans in another larger bowl; press the garlic and mix with the refried beans, and also mix in the chopped cilantro. Mash the plantains thoroughly and mix them with the refried beans in the larger bowl, and mash some more to get a smoothly combined paste.

3) Cut the cheddar cheese in small cubes; roll the cheese cubes in the refried beans with plantain mixture. Once each cheese cube is entirely covered by the mashed plantains, roll them in the bread crumbs.

4) Pour the oil in a heavy bottomed pan, enough to cover the croquettes and bring the oil to heat being careful that the oil doesn't smoke. Very gently fry the plantains in the hot oil until they are golden, the challenge being here not to break them apart as the cheese inside melts. When cooked put them over paper towels, to take out excess fat.

Serve your Plantain Croquettes with some salsa roja...

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