Nopales with cheese and epazote (Nopales con queso y epazote)

Positively a low fat recipe, simple, delicious and totally Mexican: cheese, strips of jalapeno and epazote on a whole nopal cactus pad for a spectacular presentation! Very different but similar in shape and function compared to huaraches which is why certain people call these huaraches de nopal. Just like for huaraches, the nopal paddles will serve as a base to receive all the garnishes.

Mexican recipe for Nopal Huaraches:


* 8 nopal paddles
* 1 bunch epazote, washed (you will use only the leaves)
* 2 jalapeno chiles, cut into strips
* Olive oil
* 1 cup and 1/2 Oaxaca cheese, grated
* salt


1) First we start by preparing the nopales, remove their spines by scraping them off with a sharp knife in opposite direction. Cut the edges out from the pads and discard; check again for any missed spines: do not forget any! Cut the thickest part of the stem from each paddle, and make some superficial cuts on the surfaces so the nopales cook faster.

2) Heat up little olive oil in a thick bottomed pan, put the cactus in and season with salt. Fry them by flipping them over after 5 minutes. Cook the other side 4-5 more minutes then place on each nopal paddle some Oaxaca cheese.

3) Add a sprig of epazote and the chile strips on top of the nopales.

Lower the heat setting and remove from the heat when the cheese has melted… Serve immediately.

Enjoy this dish!

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