Recipe for the Chapultepec salad (Ensalada chapultepec)

The Chapultepec salad is a delicious and refreshing appetizer type of salad from the small city with the same name, made with tropical fruits. This is a mexican recipe of course, a very healthy and nutritious salad; here are the few simple steps to make this salad…

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The refreshing Chapultepec Salad


* 1 lb. peeled fresh ​​pineapple, sliced
* 2 cups chopped and pitted dates
* Two ripe persimmon fruits, cleaned and diced
* Four lettuce leaves
* Six tablespoons of oil
* Two ripe avocados
* Four tablespoons grenadine syrup
* Three tablespoons of lemon juice
* Three tablespoons of vinegar
* Dash of pepper
* Pinch of salt


1) To make this Chapultepec salad, the first thing we do is place the pineapple slices on a plate, pouring some grenadine syrup over each slice; refrigerate for 20 minutes.

2) Meanwhile, peel then slice the ​​avocados, and immediately pour the lemon juice over them then set aside. Dice the persimmons, or cut them in small wedges

3) Now we turn to the salad dressing, which we will prepare by mixing the vinegar, oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Finally, when it is time to serve your Chapultepec salad, first put the lettuce leaves down on the plate; on the lettuce put the slices of pineapple, then top with the avocados and diced persimmons. Sprinkle the diced dates over, pour with the dressing over.

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