Mexican Breakfast Tostadas (Tostadas Mexicanas para desayunos)

A toast for breakfast in america is surely not a novelty… well, in Mexico they have the tostadas! Here is a breakfast tostada recipe full of healthy vegetables, perfect to get your day started on the right foot.

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Mexican healthy breakfast tostadas


* Corn tortillas, amount as necessary, fried as tostadas
* Canned Refried beans, amount as necessary
* Your favorite Mexican red salsa
* Sliced ​​turkey breast, unsalted and all fat trimmed out
* Some crumbled queso fresco or panela cheese
* Sliced ​​red tomatoes
* Thinly sliced ​​cucumber, peeled
* Lettuce, shredded
* A teaspoon unsweetened yogurt natural, for each tostada
* 1 avocado, sliced in thin strips


1) Heat up the tostadas directly in a pan or in the oven; so they are crispy, toasted not oily and dry.

2) Take the tostadas one by one, spread some refried beans on them, then a touch of red salsa (depending on how spicy you want, then a slice of turkey, then top with a layer of crumbled cheese.

3) Top all this by placing a sliced ​​roasted tomato and a slice of cucumber.

4) To finish, top it all with some shredded lettuce and over this some yogurt. Finally put the avocado slices and serve...

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