Another mexican cuisine site on the internet?!?

Well, yes, there are many websites you can find on the worldwide web that claim they offer traditional mexican recipes, this is an undeniable fact. Perhaps this state of things has something to do with the fact that the authentic mexican cuisine is nothing short from fascinating and simply delicious... perhaps, but that's beside my point. My point is pretty simple; the other sites left me with the impression I could make a better one. Granted, I could tell you I use plain common sense at designing a site that is easy to use, showing authentic and tasty mexican recipes in a printer-friendly format with some interesting historical and mexican cultural background facts, along with practical guidelines for us poor gringos and gringas, or english speaking mexicans that live outside Mexico; but I won't say it!

A classic mexican cookbook

There has been good mexican cuisine cookbooks published since the early 19th century; now these recipes are all available online, for our convenience; the interesting thing is that the dishes seen in these old books are still made almost the same way today... Not that this cuisine has stopped evolving, but why change something already so close to perfection?

I will leave it up to you, the visitor, to tell me how your overall experience went with my site.

My point is... a website is always a window to it's author's mind, and in a similar way it is constantly evolving; as I explore Mexican cuisine I put a bit of myself here, what I have found and liked for your convenience. My goal is that will be my small contribution that will help to make your day a great day, by making you discover the authentic flavours of Mexico...

Oh, and did I mention I love mexican food?

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