Quesadillas de Carne (quesadillas with meat)

These quesadillas are more than a snack; in fact they make a delicious simple and inexpensive meal to share with the family or friends. The meat quesadillas are frequently made with wheat flour tortillas as opposed to the other mexican quesadillas which are made with the corn tortillas. There are many ways to make this, here is my favorite recipe...

A plate of meat quesadillas

Recipe for Quesadillas de Carne


* 8 big flour tortillas (around 10 inches diameter)
* 1 lb. Thin slices of beef (as for fondue), sliced in 1 inch strips
* 1 onion, chopped
* 2 jalapeño chiles, chopped
* 3 medium tomatoes, chopped into half inch pieces
* Cheddar cheese, grated
* 2 avocados
* Sour Cream
* Salt, pepper, cumin, seasoning salsa when serving


1) The first step is to heat oil in a large skillet and fry the chopped onions for 2 minutes.

2) Mix in the meat and the chiles with the onions and mix well so that the meat is well combined with the vegetables; only the strips of meat have to stay flat to go well in our quesadillas. Season with salt, pepper and all the other spices in the list.

3) Once the meat is well cooked, test seasoning and add more spices if necessary. Add the chopped tomatoes until they are slightly cooked. Do not overcook them so that the tomatoes do not become too liquid.

4) Pull away the skillet from the stove and start preparing the quesadillas, putting some meat in the middle of the tortilla, then a good amount of grated cheese and then fold each one in two.

5) Now that they all ready, we will fry them in a large skillet, if possible 2 by 2, pressing over them so you make them as flat as possible. I would cook them with a little hot oil, until they brown nicely.

6) Once browned on both sides, serve with mashed chopped avocados spread on top and some sour cream on the side...

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