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Recipe for the mexican quesadillas

If there is a typical Mexican dish nobody can resist, this would definitely be the quesadillas. Do not let this meal's simplicity trick you: it is an exquisite creation of the Americas, often prepared with just three basic ingredients: cheese, Mexican tortillas and sometimes chiles jalapeños. Quesadillas can be prepared many different ways; this recipe here points to the basic mexican way; please see the section about this dish in our site for more ideas how to prepare these...

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Recipe for the mexican quesadillas:


14 freshly made Mexican corn tortillas
1 cup of grated Monterey Jack cheese, (or orange Cheddar for a different presentation)
3 Chile jalapeños peppers, seeds removed and sliced in strips
Salt, to your taste
Enough Canola oil, which you will use to fry the quesadillas


Have the tortillas covered with a damp cloth. Combine the cheese with the chili in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste. Reserve for later.

Warm up the oil in a frying pan. Put a tortilla flat on a dish and spread a tablespoon or two of the filling in the middle, without allowing it to reach the sides.

Fold the tortilla in two and stick the ends together to seal, by pressing well. Fry both sides of the folded tortilla in oil until it turns to a nice toasted brown color; a few minutes per side.
Take them away and allow them to dry on kitchen tissue. Serve them warm with a salad, hot pepper sauce and guacamole.

My little trick...

You can change ad infinitum the filling using refried bean leftovers with chiles, cooked sausages with onion, chicken, or whatever you can find in a kitchen!

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