Mexican Recipe for Quesadillas with Mushrooms

There is an infinite amount of Mexican quesadilla recipes you can find and try, my goal on this site is to present the ones I liked best. This recipe takes advantage of the delicious combination of fried mushrooms mixed with melted cheese, cheese naturally being the main focus in every quesadillas, it makes this a simple yet delicious snack or dish!

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Recipe for Mushroom Quesadillas:

Ingredients for 4 guests:

* 16 oz. or 1 lb. mixed mushrooms (such as cremini, portobello, shiitake, oyster mushrooms), cleaned and thinly sliced (you can use dehydrated - just rehydrate before use!)
* 3/4 cup finely chopped white onion
* 3 cloves garlic, minced
* 2 serrano chilies, trimmed, seeds removed and finely chopped
* 3 teaspoons salt
* Pinch of cumin powder
* extra virgin olive oil
* 1 cup grated cheese, Monterey Jack, or Cheddar
* 8 fresh corn tortillas 6-inch (or three 10-inch)
* 6 fresh epazote leaves
* Sour cream, when serving
* Green Salsa, when serving.


1. In a medium-sized bowl mix well the mushrooms, the onion, the garlic and chiles.

2. Heat up some oil in large skillet over medium-high heat; pour in the vegetables and mushrooms mixture; sprinkle a little bit little salt and cook, stirring, until the mushrooms are golden brown (6 to 10 minutes).

3. Empty the vegetables in a bowl and season with the cumin and more salt if necessary.

4. Put the cheese filling into tortillas open more than half of each, but leaving a small empty border (about 1 inch).

5. Divide mushroom mixture among the tortillas and sprinkle plenty of grated cheese over each one.

6. Divide the epazote leaves equally among the tortillas; sprinkle a pinch cumin over each. Fold the empty side of the tortilla over filling and press firmly on the side to close them.

7. Heat up fresh oil in a skillet; just enough to cover the bottom.

8. Fry the quesadillas one at a time, flipping them once until browned and crisp, or about three minutes per side. Serve immediately with sour cream and salsa verde. This meal is also great when served with chopped tomatoes, guacamole and cilantro.

Accompany with letttuce, tomatoes, etc...

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