The Corundas de Tequesquite from Morelia, Michoacán

The Corundas are a type of salty Mexican Tamales, part of the famed varied gastronomy of the state of Michoacán, more specifically they are prepared in Morelia and they have the particularity of being prepared with “Tequesquite”, which is a type of mexican mineral salt, with vegetables and cheese. Banana leaves or what they call "hoja de milpa" are used to wrap them; these corundas are traditionnally shaped in a trianglular form.

Recipe for Corundas de Tequesquite from Morelia

Ingredients for 4-6 people:

* 3 lb. of Nixtamal corn masa flour for tamales (ex: Maseca)
* 1 cup water
* 1 lb. of Vegetal Shortening or lard
* 2 cups of Chicken Broth
* 2 teaspoons of baking powder
* 30 Corn Leaves or enough banana leaves to make 30 tamales
* 2 teaspoons Tequesquite
* 1/2 lb. of White Cheese
* Salt to your taste


1) Beat the shortening or lard in a bowl until it puffs up slightly; on the other hand, also mix the corn masa flour with the water and kead the dough for about 20 minutes.

2) Mix the shortening or lard to the corn masa four, then sprinkle some baking powder over, then the tequesquite, about half the liquid chicken broth and finally season with salt to your taste.

3) Continue kneading until the dough has the desired consistency, adding gradually the chicken, broth little by little. It is not necessary to use all the chicken broth; maybe less will be enough for your dough to reach desired consistency. Pay attention to the consistency of the dough, it must be malleable and not sticking to your hands. Now cut the cheese in little slices.

4) Soak the corn or banana leaves and then cut them in rectangles. When filling them, first shape the leaves like a Cone so that they will have the traditional triangular shape in the end, then fill them with 2 full tablespoons of dough, knowing these quantities should yield 30 tamales. Place some cheese in and then close each tamal.

5) Steam your corundas in a steamer during 1 hour approximately. Arrange the corundas in the steamer so that they all cook uniformally.

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