Recipe for chicken empanadas (empanadas de pollo)

In this series about mexican empanadas I show you different ways to make the dough; in the end, you will find the dough recipe and baking/frying method you are most comfortable with and you can use it with any other empanada recipe. Here I present you a simple chicken empanada recipe that I hope you will enjoy.

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Recipe for chicken empanadas:

homemade chicken empanadas

For the dough:

1.5 lb. of white all purpose flour,
a cup and half shortening,
baking powder

For the filling:

1 lb. boneless chicken breasts or thighs
2 chopped up Onions
2 poached eggs
2 egg yolks
1 green bell pepper,
One pitted Olive per empanada
Olive oil, the amount you need
Paprika To your taste
Salt and pepper


First part: the dough

- Make a little mountain with the flour on a large flat surface, then create a crater (a well) in the middle where we will pour the necessary liquids.
- Heat up 3 cups water, pour in 2 tablespoons salt and 3 tablespoons baking powder in.
- In a deep frying pan, melt the shortening, once completely melted allow it to cool down a little but without it hardening up again.
- Pour in the crater we did in the flour the melted shortening and 4 tablespoons of the water with salt and baking powder.
- Mix rapidly the flour with the shortening and the water; add more water with baking powder if it is necessary, until you successfully blend all these ingredients in a uniform dough. Knead the dough until it is uniform. If your dough is still a bit hard, keep on kneading it for it to gain more elasticity.
- To stretch the dough with a rolling pin, until it has the desired thickness, cut round discs with a round shape, the size of the empanadas you are making. Put the dough in a closed container and put it in the refrigerator for at least one hour; but better 4-6 hours.

making the filling

- discard skin and bones from the chicken.
- cut the chicken first in thin slices and then cut the slices the other way.
- peel and chop the onions.
- clean your bell pepper, discard its seeds then chop to small bits
- boil the eggs for 10 minutes; peel and to cut them to tiny bits.
- heat up a frying pan, pour in 2 tablespoons olive oil and sauté the chicken.
- Pull out and reserve the chicken and then cook the green pepper and the onion until transparent the last one.
- Incorporate the chicken and season with salt, pepper and paprika, cook a few more minutes and pull away.
- remove the pits from the olives with an olive pit remover, then cut them in halves.
- place the chicken mixture in a bowl and to mix in the olives and the hard egg bits.
- allow to cool down at least two hours in the refrigerator; this will also allow the flavors to mix

assembling, closing and baking the chicken empanadas

- lay flat your dough discs, and spread two or three tablespoons of chicken mixture over each disc; make sure each one has enough or they will taste too dry;
- fold each empanada in two; wet your fingers and seal their edges well, and fold back the outer rims
- once closed, paint the outside of the chicken empanadas with the beaten egg yolk and line them up neatly on an oiled up, oven-going plate.
- Put the plate in the pre-heated oven; bake for about 10-15 minutes, or up until they are nice and golden.
- Pull out the plate from the oven when they are ready; allow them time to cool down a bit.

Buen provecho!

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